Hipsters Love This Coffee Shop- Mantra Coffee Co.


Hipsters are obsessed with more than just oldies, coffee is their shit. The dark bitter stuff has surged since the 11th century. I bet the Ethiopians weren’t expecting latté art competitions.

I’m on the hunt for a not so average cup of joe. When I say coffee, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you said Starbucks, then get your shit and go. No pumpkin spice BS here. I get it, but I don’t want to. Starbucks may be the most prevalent nationwide coffee house chain, but it doesn’t meet the criteria for the hipster trend. If you’ve realized anything about those mysterious folks, it’s that mainstream will not do. Where are those hidden gem cafes with indie music playing and a ton of 20-something year-olds bingeing on cold brew while curled up on black leather couches?

Photo by Laine C. via Yelp

Mantra Coffee Co. is exactly what all the dark roast crazed un-originals crave. It has all things that an anti-Starbucks goer wants. First things first, they’re open late we’re talking 1 a.m. Some of you are probably wondering “uhh who gets a mocha latte at midnight,” and to that question I am going to answer simply- Hipsters, or anyone needing a late night study spot. You get the picture. 

This coffee shop is more than just le café, they are making the small local business a thing again. Mantra’s mantra, as corny as that sounds, is giving back. Their philosophy includes giving 51% of their profits to charities. Remember that next time you’re questioning spending $5 on a cup of joe. This place is hidden, legit camouflaged into Azusa. It looks like a house that just opened its doors one morning shouting “Hey anyone want some coffee?” Inside, it’s restoration hardware meets modern minimalist. They have the classics, wood tables, cliché art, little plants and what’s a cozy place without sting lights? Architecture is another strange plus of this place. Because it’s not a new building (a home makeover turned coffee shop), you get to enjoy the charm of crown molding and a little nook that probably used to be a reading room but don’t quote me on that. I’m too shy to ask for the original floor plans.

Photo by Laine C. via Yelp

Moving along to their coffee, I ordered a double shot iced espresso. It comes in a glass. An actual glass made of glass unreal right? None of this take our biodegradable cup with our logo for free marketing.

Smooth and rich in flavor, these guys know their brew.


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