Simple Steps for Dressing Hipster- If You Must

Dressing like a hipster is a key step to joining the fad, so let’s get it right. Whether you’re a guy or a lady, only a couple things are needed to create the hipster look. Before you go rummaging through your grandfather’s closet like Macklemore suggests, check out DeeLux. Hipsters don’t shop at the local mall hotspots; instead, they venture to Claremont where small-town shabby chic is in full swing. That being said, here are the few things you need to appear like a hipster.

Photo by  Clem Onojeghup via

First, you’ve got to invest in a clumsy flannel shirt that has at least one cigarette hole. The burn hole isn’t to fit in with other smokers, rather it says, “Yeah my shirt has a hole, I don’t conform to society’s rules of consumerism.” Classic hipster comment by the way.

You could stop there, or you could deepen the look with a hat. A simple fedora or beanie will do. This accessory along with horn-rimmed glasses is purely to give others the illusion that you are wise far beyond your millennial years. No one will know that you found the hat in the trash, and the glasses aren’t prescription I’m not telling.



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