Craft Beer, Whiskey- Hopscotch Tavern in DTF

Is it just me or has the craft beer craze gotten a little out of control so what’s all the fuss about? Give me an ice cold glass of something with hops, and I won’t complain. Are hipsters onto something with these artfully prepared brews and cocktails?

In my attempts to figure out what’s with all the hype, I discovered Hopscotch Tavern.

Photo taken by me

Intrigued by the name trusty google says, a tavern is an “establishment for the sale of beer and other drinks to be consumed on the premises, sometimes also serving food.” It was a perfect fit.

This place has a quirky, cozy charm. For starters, the bartenders were all wearing flannels, fitting the hipster mold much? There are stuffed animal heads on the walls, and once you get past the creepy factor, it’s a badass-cabin in the woods vibe. They also sell cigars, who does that? Picture a speakeasy during the prohibition era, a bar gone rogue. Diverging from the mainstream course of Jack and Cokes, this spot has an edge over other bars in “DTF,” Downtown Fullerton.

They don’t just make drinks. They concoct libations, or at least that’s what the cutie behind the bar convinced me. I’m not a whiskey girl, but their take on bananas foster in a shot is something to rave about. And it’s not just little old me saying this, Golden Foodies honored them with 2016’s Best Beer Selection Award. If you have an award of solid pewter plated in 14k gold, you know what you’re doing.

Hopscotch bar-  Photo taken by me

With 24 beers on tap, they give indecisive people like me a headache, but have no fear the bartenders are the sommeliers of beer. After some inquiry of my beer likes and dislikes I was recommended their Double IPA Mosaic, can I say tasty as fuck, too late I already did.

What sets them apart from the 10,000 other bars in DTF? As I watched a studly bartender whip up an Old Fashioned, it was more than dump, shake, and call it a day. He put some love into that cocktail although, I could have been seeing things at that point given I was three drinks in. They take pride in using egg whites instead of some BS sour mixer. If you like a mean whisky sour, then you will definitely appreciate this place.

It’s a little much to keep bragging, but their food is off the hook as well. I ordered the sliders, and these weren’t basic baby burgers they were pieces of steak on sweet Hawaiian rolls, aloha with an edge.  

I left with a tee-shirt, new friends and a buzz— success

Featured image by Adam Jamie via Unsplash 


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