Hipsters Bring Vinyl Back- Rhino Records

Hipster have gone a little mad with this one. In the midst of the digital music age, these folks are asking for vinyl records for Christmas instead of iTunes gift cards. Strange birds if you ask me. Maybe it’s because of vinyl’s richer sound quality or their classic nature, but let’s be honest, it’s because vinyl records are retro, and they can’t keep their hands off dusty shit.

Should hipsters be credited for the vinyl boom? This may be true as Time Magazine reports that sales have increased 52 percent since 2013. Being that vinyl’s heyday was back in the 1970s it only makes sense that hipsters would cling to this piece of music history. Nostalgia is at the forefront of the hipster trend, so rummage through your grandfather’s collection and get on the bandwagon.

Photo by Artificial Photography via Unsplash

It’s harder than you think to find vinyl records. Scratch that— it’s hard to find good quality records. Yes, you can stop by any garage sale on a Sunday morning, but all of that is crap; not music wise, well probably, but the actual record has seen better days. Vinyl records are crazy fragile. Remember back when Walkman CD players were a thing. If you scratched your favorite CD you could blow, rub, and even spit on it, then it was good as new. Don’t try that technique with vinyl records.

Skip digging through your family’s old junk or hitting up garage sales if you actually want to dive into the vinyl trend. Instead, check out Rhino Records. Claremont strikes again with another hipster go-to spot. Since 1976 Rhino Records has been supplying local skateboarder kids, I mean music lovers of all kinds, with a cornucopia of quality music merchandise.

Photo by Kai Oberhauser via Unsplash

They aren’t about looking flashy the shop has no fuss and no frills. Even their websites says, “we are a record store like they used to be in the good ole days.” If that sounds like your vibe, then this place is golden. Of course they have records galore, from The Chainsmokers latest album, Collage, all the way back to classics like The Beetles.

If you’re like me and don’t own a record player, don’t fret, they’ve got you covered. More than vinyl, their adult-rated knickknacks are reason enough to walk in. The last stop is stickers, and that’s only because they’re in a glass case when you’re checking out; kind of like that collection of desserts at a dinner, they always look too good to pass up. If you have ever stared at somebody’s laptop that was covered in Domo the Japanese monster stickers and been too afraid to ask “where’d you get those cool stickers,” now you know where to stock up.

No need to rush, this spot isn’t going anywhere. Maybe hipsters enjoy the classic rhythms that can be heard from vinyl records, or maybe they’re buying them for show; either way it’s keeping Rhino Records in business, so they don’t give a shit.

Feature image by Ian Baldwin via Stocksnap 


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